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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The wildlife of Hyde Park and a concert

Another musical Sunday dawned. There was a sharp frost but by the time we strolled through Hyde Park the sun was shining away.

These two ducks were hiding in the grass.

Which way to walk? Toward St James' or the Serpentine? We headed for the Serpentine.

aw bless! One of the 3 was a different colour....

Lots of Great Crested Grebes about.

Henry Moore sculptures

These were in a VERY small pond! in the formal gardens.

They swapped over and  ....

Spot an egg!

When a Mallard showed up he was quickly chased off....

Hello a Heron!

The pond below is the same size as the one the coot was in! and you can see it's a busy spot.

The concert was the Doric String Quartet performing:
Haydn's String Quartet in Eb Op 20 No 1
Dvorak String Quartet No 13 in G Op 106

They are a fine quartet and the Dvorak in particular was really well done.

I've picked up some maps for the next holiday as well.

One of the things I love about London is the parks (Regent's, Green, St James and Kensington) . There is so much wildlife in the centre of the city. We saw our first Swift of the year, Blackcaps,Common Whitethroat).


Tricia Ryder said...

Very entertaining the Grebes were indeed... good day out :D

Ragged Robin said...

Wonderful post Pete and it really illustrates the wildlife that can be seen in cities.

Glad you enjoyed the concert :)

Nora at Island Rambles said...

nice series...what is the brown headed duck up there Pete, you know I have to know. You are so darn lucky to have all this to photo so near you.

Pete said...

thanks all

Nora the duck is a male Pochard