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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

An extravagance

Well I am the owner of a new car......

I am not a good prospect though for the motor salesman....

Salesman - Hello sir what can I do for you?
Me - I want to buy a new car
Salesman (imaging at minimum a decent mid range sale) - and what model do you want
Me - the cheapest model you do.
Salesman  (crestfallen) - tries to get me to buy some accessory - metallic paint?
Me - no thanks the basic one will be fine thanks.

He also seems to think I should be excited but to me a car is a means to an end. I get excited by holidays not cars.... a new camera now..... LOL

Still I have said car and it is smaller than the last one so it fits snugly in the garage with the dustbins in there etc. I am unusual as I'm the only person on my street who puts the car in the garage. Novel concept apparently.

The car is a Hyundai I10. I know from experience Hyundai's are reliable and totally uncool. The later could said to relate to me!

Annoyingly the wipers and indicators are switched around and whilst I'll get used to this they are the opposite to dad's which will be fun!

Anyway with a bank holiday coming up I'll take sir out for a drive in my new motor.

Oh its a bright red colour. Bright red isn't my sort of colour but I know from experience it is very easy to find in the car park!


Tricia Ryder said...

Red is certainly easy to find :) blue is rather nice too ..... ;)

Nora at Island Rambles said...

oh I see a new avatar no more duck Pete?? And a new car, bright red...a red sports car now that is what I see Pete in! and now for the eye test to prove I am actually a robot.

Ragged Robin said...

Sounds nice Pete :) My last two cars have been red and as you say easy to find :)

We used to put the car in the garage once upon a time but these days they seem to big to fit and there is always the fear of scraping one side. Eek!! But I do miss those days of driving out a frost free car in the Winter!