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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Wimpole Hall

I had decided that my long distance eye sight was deteriorating so I had booked myself in for an eye test. I asked Trish to come and advise on frames....

well the eye test has determined I'm short sighted so glasses for driving and when I'm stuck at the back for presentations etc.....

No doubt she'll be taking a picture of me in the glasses when they arrive.

On a more positive note I've got my Euro's for Rome!

So given the weather was not promising we nipped up to the A10 to Wimpole Hall

some good cake. The Lemon Drizzle was particularly good.

OI CAT!! Read the sign! Who do you think you are Tricia Ryder? ;)

Got to see nine lambs as well!


ST said...

Pete, i have dropped in and out of blog life of late.
But i'm stunned.
As always another great pictorial guide.
Or the well written opera post.
But Rome! On holiday.
Hope you have a large Gb memory card or three.

Nora at Island Rambles said...

lovely posting Pete, a feast for my eyes and brain. Very nice interior shots today. I must go back and look again. thanks. cheers.

Pete said...

cheers Nora

ST - HI! yes plenty of memory cards, looking forward to it