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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To the Glory of God

So the first full day in Rome.

The breakfast is the typical buffet affair and is on the top floor. So a few views from the balcony.

We then headed off into the City.

We'll visit this church on another day....

And so across the Ponte San Angelo

St Peter's was packed with huge queues but we had an Omnia card so got taken to the front of the queue.

and we used the same card to get into the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel.

The museums are amazing as you can see above and alas no pics in the Sistine Chapel which is also amazing BUT you can't appreciate it as it is HEAVING with people.

So we headed back into town.

The Piazza Navona


Cracking day!

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Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful Pete :) Looks awesome place to visit (apart from the crowds!!). Nice to see blue skies too :)

Is it just me or has Blogger changed things? In the past you could click on one photo in a post and then a gallery (slideshow type feature) came up and you could see all photos in a post. Recently (not just your blog others too) you have to click on each photo individually.