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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And so that was Rome

Firstly Blogger has stopped the slideshow! Given I have posted loads of photos..... :(

For those who missed all the posts.

Day 1 - The journey there, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps
Day 2 - The Vatican, Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums, Piazza Navona, Pantheon
Day 3 - Borghesi Gardens, Campo de Fiore, Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain
Day 4 - Colosseum, Forum and Capatline Museums
Day 5 - Lots of churches and stunning views!

So what did I think of Rome? The architecture was amazing! Walking the streets great fun, loved the Piazza's.

I found Roman food disappointing compared to Paris. In Paris you stop and get a decent lunch, in Rome it was much harder. Any chance of a decent Sandwich? On the last day we found a good coffee shop Caffeteria Del Corso on the Corso Vittorio Emmanuelle II which did good cake. Ice Creams were good.

The Vatican and Museums are amazing but way too crowded. You just can't appreciate what you see. There are some amazing churches.

Places like the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain get busy so get up early! Take a walk in the Borghesi gardens. It is pretty and you can get get good views of the city.

Walk! it is a beautiful city get out and enjoy it! It is a pity though the amount of graffiti you see.

Of my three Foreign Cities it goes above Paris and below Florence (I love the compact size and lack of cars!).


Tricia said...

Walking is the only way to see a city - especially one as packed as Rome!

Ragged Robin said...

Some wonderful photos among your posts Pete. As you say, its a real shame Blogger have stopped the slide show feature. Why do they keep changing things? In this case for the worst!

The churches in Rome look truly beautiful. Glad you both had such a great trip :)

ShySongbird said...

I've spent an enjoyable half hour or so looking through your holiday pics. You saw some great sights and packed a lot in. You were so lucky with the weather too, we have some snow around still :-(

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Cindy said...

ooh yes, Seville is lovely, I've got a few pix of Seville on my early postings, but Granada in Andalusia is my favourite place to be and I'd recommend it highly. Thank you for the kind comments on my Malaga photos.