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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A longer journey to work

I was off to Croydon to day for an all day meeting. Oh the joys of my job.

I had my survival kit....

Book: Jan Morris - Venice
Mp3 player: music listened to Vilde Frang (who I have tickets to see later this year) playing the Tchaikovsky and Nielsen Violin concertos and Sir Charles Mackerras conducting the last four Mozart symphonies.

I also put the panny in my jacket pocket.

The hordes coming from London Bridge

The shard and yes my sensor needs a clean!

HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge with the sun coming up

The shard

You know you are in Croydon they have trams!

The hordes at Liverpool Street


Ragged Robin said...

Love the photos of the Thames and is it Tower Bridge? Those commuters look happy!!!!!

Pete said...

yep it is Tower Bridge taken from London Bridge!

they looked as happy as me. it was FREEZING

Tricia said...

The Shard is an amazing construction... used to cross London Bridge (the old one) on a daily basis many moons ago!!