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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


You can go anywhere these days without seeing someone swiping their finger over a smart phone. 10 year old kids have what I think of as an expensive piece of kit......

I have resisted this urge and intend to continue doing so.

However I was sitting in the office yesterday when a manager asked if I wanted to look at his photos from a holiday in America. He whipped out his tablet and showed a colleague and I his photos. All very nice and then he said "it's a Blackberry Playbook 64gb" so what I thought  "it's £129 from Currys and PC World)".

A light bulb flashed and I thought hang on! I've wanted something for holidays (especially foreign holidays - as Diane put it "foreign holidays? get him!") to store photos bit of browing etc. In Florence and Paris we took Trish's small laptop but this meant we are carrying more than we really need. My colleague Trev and myself both had a similar need (and thought!) and both ordered one indeed he nipped out lunchtime and I picked my up last night.

The thing is setup and working and I've tweeted, facebooked and emailed from it! I've even swiped the screen!! I think it is just what I need, I'm awaiting a device that will allow it to accept USB's and I'm sorted.

My only problem is will it fit in my small camerabag to get through as Ryanair etc carry on luggage (my camera bag is small!) something I need to try tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my. Seems like you already bought one. The iPad has a 5 MP camera and fine features that come with it. It automatically will make the photos available in the Cloud to your home apple desktop. Its quite amazing. The more expensive ones can be made to be online all over the way a iPhone is. I dont have that one. The one I have has become quite addicting. I have to stop fooling with it reading magazine and newspapers and playing games. Its making my eyes wonky.