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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Things to do before I die - an update

Back in March I published a blog on a things to do before you die. As I said die is not something I'm not planning on doing but.....

I'm going to revisit that list now since there are things I'd like to add and I've been to Florence!!

1. Retire at 50 or at least before the normal retirement date....... before the normal retirement date is a shoe in! At 50? please god!! If I'm still working at 55 I will be seriously annoyed

2 See all 1000 churches in THE book ...... I don't expect to it but an ambition. Up to 800!

3. See 300 species of birds in the UK. 45 to go but I haven't seen a new one for a while ........ might happen but unlikely as I seldom twitch!

4. See a ballet.... I don't why this is here! But for some reason it is! I do like the music so....... I think this will happen. Tchaikovsky I think.

5. Go to Paris ........ I'd like to go Versailles, Notre Dame, Sainte-Chapelle etc etc etc you could add a number of French Cathedrals to this list! Chartres, Reims, Troyes ..... Will happen in October but I doubt I'll get to Versailles THIS visit.

6. Go to Rome ........ oh come on who wouldn't!! I want this to happen next year!

7. Go to Venice....... see 6!! I've done Florence. Next year?! I intend going back to Florence btw.

8. Visit every National Trust house and garden in England and Wales - by definition tea room! We aren't talking property! I think this one I can do :D

9. See a Hummingbird in the wild!! - no chance but....

10. Go to an opera - what do you mean I don't like Opera!! I mean see Carmen in Paris or Puccini in Italy..... chances? hhhhmmmmmmm Actually this could happen. I'd really like to see one here. The Roman Arena in Verona. Carmen, Tosca? I could do that here! Although may get to one in London. I'd like to see a traditional performance.

11. See a Shakespeare play done professionally. Not one I had thought of until Cheryl mentioned it. Has to be in Stratford upon Avon or the Globe in London really.


Anonymous said...

Are there no hummingbirds in England or anywhere in Europe? Hmmm. You might have to,come to the New World. I like Mozart operas very much...the magic flute and Don,Giovanni. It's fun to see them over and over again in different productions. I don't get ballet...all that thumping of feet is distracting. My daughter just saw an incredible Pina Bausch in NYC.

Pete said...

No hummers over here all in the New World.

Ballet? well for some reason I think I want to see one!

Ragged Robin said...

Its a brilliant list Pete. Ballet - go and see The Nutcracker preferably at Christmas time - it is superb! The RSC at Stratford is very good but I really loved the Globe when we went last year - very authentic :) I don't think I would ever manage many of the other items on your list though!

Cheryl said...

I'm happy to help you achieve ambitions 3-11 - you're on your own with the first two. x

Tricia said...

Can't help with the first 2 but..... :)

oldcrow61 said...

I love your list. My granddaughter was in Venice this past spring and fell in love with the place so I hope you get there.