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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Powis Castle

My 1890 Baedeker says  that the Castle is "shown in the absence of the family and is called by the Welsh Castell Goch (Red Castle). It was founded in the 12th century but has been much added to an and modernised. The fine gateway is flanked by two massive round towers. The castle contains some good portraits and tapestry and a valuable collection of Indian curiosities brought home by Lord Clive an ancestor of the Earl. The state bedroom is still kept exactly as was when once occupied by Charles II. The beautiful park is open to the public (entrance in the main street of Welshpool); fine view from the terraces in front of the castle."

I'd add it has some marvellous ceilings as well.

Anyway the journey up!

And the castle

at the bottom of the garden is Lady Victoria's team room. I was all for soup but Trish persuaded me that we should have two pieces of cake instead ;) And very nice it was too! (Victoria Sponge and Coffee & Walnut). Hang on that counts as only one slice!

This pheasant was after food.

Yes I went to Powis Castle last year! But as Trish hasn't been.....

Went for a cup of tea and manfully resisted food :)

Cracking biscuits Gromit

We went for a stroll around the house (alas no pics). It really is worth a visit.

Afterwards we sat on the hill and ate an ice cream.

Three mallards started walking up the hill and Trish joked that they had seen us sit down and were after food. Well she was right!!

Another nice day. The weather is going to exact its revenge!


Anonymous said...

Majestic place. :-) And I like the biscuits!

Ragged Robin said...

What a gorgeous place Pete - I bet there are not many nicer places to spend a day. Beautiful photos and the views from the castle look tremendous. I wouldn't have been able to resist one of those biscuits :).

oldcrow61 said...

Stunning scenery. The castle, grounds and statues are fantastic! And, oh the flowers. Makes me drool. Those Gromit biscuits are so cute. Wonderful shots Pete.