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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beaumaris, Penrhyn Castle

I poked my head out of the window to find that it was still raining and the river was a raging torrent!

Luckily the roads weren't flooded and off we toddled.  First stop Beaumaris.....

My Baedeker says:

"Beaumaris (Williams-Bulkeley Arms, opposite the pier, Room & Accomodation from 4 shillings, Dinner 4 Shillings 6d, 'pens' 10s 6d, Liverpool Arms, is a quiet little watering place, the chief charm of which is the fine view  it commands of the opposite coast, with the Snowdonian Mountains in the background. The church dates from the 13th century with a choir of the 16th century. The name Beaumaris, locally pronounced 'Bewmorris', is derive from its low lying site 'beau maris'.

Beaumaris Castle (adm. 2d), to the N of the town is another of the Welsh fortress due to the vigour of Edward I and the genius of Henry de Elreton. It is an extensive ruin, and in ground plan is very dissimilar to the castles of Carnarvon and Conway; but cannot compete with either of these ruins in external picturesqueness......"

I have to say I liked Beaumaris. It seemed a nice little town. If the weather had been nice I'd have gone into the castle etc but it wasn't nice.....

The church..... St Mary and St Nicholas

Beaumaris Castle from the road.

So onto Penrhyn Castle. The castle is Victorian and internally is in the Norman style.

We headed off to the cafe for a warming Vegetable soup and then on to the castle.

I didn't expect to be able to take pics inside so a result!

 It was still early and what do ? You couldn't really sit in the garden and read! So we headed back to Beddgelert for a a stroll and to take some pics of the river. The river is much higher than it was in the pics the other day but has fallen since this morning.

We decided to frequent another tea room in the village for tea and a toasted tea cake.

This the path we walked along Tuesday, today it was underwater.


The Wessex Reiver said...

Great comparing and contrasting this with Tricia's Tales. Interesting seeing what each of you have chosen to photograph. The river looks in full speight

Ragged Robin said...

Glad you managed to get out and about despite the rain!

Some lovely ceilings and paintings in the castle.

I can't believe how high the river is in Bedgelert!

oldcrow61 said...

I wouldn't mind living in that castle. I love the decorations. Great kitchen by the looks of it.