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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sea Mist at Holkham

So off to Fakenham and give sir a chance to look arouund a market. Raise eyebrows!

Now here's a thing Sir is actually buying something at a market!!!

I took sir into the church for a cuppa.

and so to Holkham Hall which is on the coast and alas we had sea mist but it was still warm.

these chaps were sitting on the lawn

plenty of deer

uhm ok not deer!

the old walled garden has been left to itself for years and is undergoing restoration. It will take years....

I took his nibs into the tearoom for a cup of tea. and were joined by these chaps.....

and the house which is well worth going inside.....according to the current chairman of the National Trust one of the 20 best in England. Gainsborough, Reubens and a number of Claude's

Sir was in the car listening to BBC Norfolk (shudder) and reading the paper, I happened to be passing the cafe and well the cake looked inviting so I had a diet coke and a lump of Victoria Sponge ;) don't let on eh!


Anonymous said...

I'd have been tempted by the cake too. :-)

Ragged Robin said...

Great deer photos Pete and the inside of the house looks rather impressive especially the paintings.

Tricia said...

Shame about the mist but some good pics regardless... that really is a large herd of deer...

All the marble in Holkham Hall looks amazing.. someow suggests there should be a large bath or simmilar!

Hopefully Friday will be clearer!