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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sheringham Park

Well Dad and I are away, I turned of the netbook to edit some photos and there was a wifi connection and ye gods it works!! A BT hotspot!!

This will a very similar holiday to one two years ago so I hope it won't be too dull. We stopped at Swaffham to give sir a market fix. Swaffham had a few closed shops and there seemed less stalls. 

We then went into Swaffham church for a cuppa and a piece of fruit cake.

Then onto the National Trust's Sheringham Park.

The house has residents and is not open to the public

There were a few birds around the cafe....


Tricia said...

Sounds a good start... the pic of the rhododendron is really good as is the ones of the blackbird and robin - and I do like Nuthatches... some nice pics of the gardens too :D

oldcrow61 said...

Oh my, you've just about done me in with all those blossoms. The little robin is cheeky as ever.

Anonymous said...

You take your best photos Dad around, handsome fellow that he is.

Ragged Robin said...

Sheringham Park is rather delightful Pete. Love the robin pics and the one of your Dad.