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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Normal for Norfolk....

We went to Wells-Next-the-Sea this  morning. Like most small seaside towns on the coast it feels a little bit run down but I like it. Certainly preferable to Islington Sur La Mer on Burnham Market as it is more formally known.

A one up one down.....

You can eat on this ship in the harbour.

So a Norfolk harbour? Must be a rare bird....

As we arrived at Houghton Hall the deer dashed across the road right in front of the car in front!

This is the stable!!

The walled garden is lovely.

Houghton is hosting a 3 day event competition over the next 4 days. And they were practising today.


oldcrow61 said...

I really enjoyed the pictures. I love what looks like a fountain with a lions head and plants going up around it. Also the wooden people with the signs. My favorites are Grumpy Old Gits garden and Bugger Off, ahahaha. Gives me ideas.

Been meaning to get in touch as I haven't been around much. The viking has been having health issues.

Tricia said...

Another good day by the sounds of it. It looks strangely deserted in Wells and strange items in the pet store!

Houghton Hall's Fallow deer bred for whiteness are the opposite of those at Parham bred to be the dark colour!

Presumably the silver creation and slate circle are sculptures?

Love the shaped ponds and reflections!

Pete said...

oc - thought you'd like the wooden people ;) hope the viking is ok. will be back sat so will try to pop into chat!

trish -yep scultures