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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blickling Hall

And so where to today? Ah Blickling Hall.

I've been there MANY times  over the years both on my own and with Mum & Dad. Dad misses the fact that we used to be able to park in the walled garden and now the trust have stopped this. 

We got there early and went for a stroll around the garden.

lots of these about.

We wandered back to the car for a sarnie and I left sir listening to BBC Radio Norfolk (shudder) whilst I went for a wander around a lake virtually devoid of life! 2 Great Crested Grebe's with 4 young were it, but lovely to see!!

A trip around the hall.... pics aren't that great it was very dull.....


ShySongbird said...

I must need my eyes testing, I thought, when it came up on my sidebar that the title was 'Blinking Hell', I thought maybe it was a reflection on the weather!

Anyway, lots of nice, colourful blooms there and of course the ever colourful Pheasant, not to mention the handsome Egyptian Goose.

I wondered if 'Sir' was considering cooking a quick meal in the kitchen photo :-)

Tricia said...

I do like Blicking Hall... sounds like another good day out and glad the rain stayed away... all the wonderful spring colour and flowers!! - nice one :)

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful house and gardens Pete - I love the azalea photos. I am so enjoying your Norfolk trip :)

Anonymous said...

Love the portrait display and stairs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for #38 Holbein's portrait of an huge and handsome Henry the eighth. I just finished Hillary's second volume about Thomas Cromwell and so its fab to see the portrait of Henry, the fool for love. He certainly was good looking. Guess it was an early portrait.

Pete said...

turquis Henry was regarded as a handsome chap in his youth.

vicomtesse - more to come

RR - lovely time to visit. although in a week or two the rhodies will be fully out !

SS - he was probably thinking about the price of the cake :)