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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Migrants returning

Well hello the sun came out!!!

I decided that I'd head for the forest and see if there were any migrants about.

With the sun shining the birds were singing. It's lovely to hear and all the regulars were in good voice (finches, tits, woodpeckers, nuthatch etc).

There were eight grebes on the lake but some were lone birds, one pair seem to have a nest - we can but hope. Alas there were no Swallow and Martins.

The trees make some interesting patterns

As I was waiting for the cafe to open I heard a familiar sound I had been missing for a while.

yup the first Blackcap of the year.

It was a pleasant stroll with lots of Chiffchaffs back now.

And where to now? I may not make Rye Meads next weekend so I went there!

Chiffchaffs and Cetti's Warbler in abundance and there a few Blackcap as well.

The Konik ponies.

This was my favourite bird

Who are you looking at down there?


Tricia Ryder said...

Love the wren!! and blackcaps are nearly impossible to get shots of!

oldcrow61 said...

Ah, spring has surely sprung over there. The birds are very active here now as well.

Nora said...

hey there Pete, I am catching up here on what you are up the ponies and the wren...seems like you are taking a lot of holidays coming up, I hope you will be visiting churches and castles and exciting stuff for me!!cheers and thanks for the visit.