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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Bird and Byrd

Well off to London for a concert. I suggested we wander to Regent's park, I had realised JUST how close it was to Wigmore Hall. I'm constantly amazed at how close places are in central London.

Unfortunately the weather was very dull, grey and there was drizzle so please make some allowance for the photos.

Mr Holmes of Baker Street

If you forced me to live in London I could live here!

A colleague of mine was saying how hard Heron's are to photograph.....

a few collection birds.

And now some pictures of that tricky Heron

Oh a juvenile Heron

A heron in a tree...

The two highlights bird wise were a Green Woody and Blackcaps (various singing!)

So after a various nice croissant in Pret we went to a small square just south of Oxford Street.

Spot the odd one out....

The concert was by the vocal ensemble Stile Antico performing a programme of 16th & 17th

Hosanna to the son of David

O Sacrum convivium

I give you a new commandment

Jesu, mercy, how may this be?

O vos omnes

Salvator mundi

De Lassus
Vide homo

Dum transisset sabbatum

In resurrectione tua

I am the resurrection

Surrexit pastor bonus

Gloria in excelsis Deo

The encore was Thomas Campion's Never weather-beaten sail.

A very fine concert.....


Tricia said...

Was a good one eh.. despite the wet stuff..

oldcrow61 said...

Fabulous pictures. I would love to visit the Sherlock Museum. The flowers in bloom just knock me out.

Anonymous said...

The heron shots are good, but then they would be from a foot away!

Pete said...

slight exaggeration twitchy