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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The World Service

The BBC World Service marks its 80th birthday today.

In an age of digital the world service is traditionally picked up by Short Wave radio's throughout the world.

There is an interesting article on the BBC website showing how people listen to it.

Now I dare say some will argue in that in this age of austerity it should be cut. But I think this is short sighted, the World Service is a wonderful advert for the UK.

The world service is available on Medium Wave in the UK but reception I've found is poor. On DAB though it is excellent, and well worth a listen because it gives a very different slant on the news.


Anonymous said...

I listen to world service every night but find they repeat the news over and over and are focused on nothing but Syria right now and when they interview English-speaking citizens of other countries its very difficult to keep listening to them so garbled are they. But its a relief from American radio because there is absolutely no advertising.

Pete said...

Have you tried listening via internet?

I know it's difficult to follow some speakers but it's great to hear a totally different world view.