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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Bitternly cold

I woke early, as I laid in bed there was a moment of panic, THE HEATING SHOULD BE ON!! 30 seconds later it automatically came on!! Well it's cold out there and the idea of no heating.....

Given the forecast for tonight it would be easy to have pulled up the duvet and listened to music but EVENTUALLY I poked my nose out of the front door! And promptly went straight back inside and put another fleece on !

I wandered to Rye Meads, it was a touch frosty!

There was one small piece of unfrozen water from the draper hide which had 2 swans, some coots, teal and gadwell.

Some of the hide murals.

Quite a few birds flitting through the hedgeows. The river was frozen

There were lots of Fieldfare by the Kingfisher hide. Only this Collared Dove posed.

Any bit of water was well used by the birds! There was a flock of Goldfinch but darned if I could find a Siskin.

I decided that I ought to be in a nice warm house so wandered back. As I got back to the steps that lead to the draper. Atop them 4 people were looking intently at what I knew was frozen water. One mouthed the word "Bittern" OOH !! Couldn't get a picture but a nice view. There had been a Water Rail a minute earlier!!

The Water Buffalo.

And to see me off...


Ragged Robin said...

Some lovely pics there Pete - gosh it looks cold! Well done on the Bittern and I love the hide murals.

oldcrow61 said...

The hide murals are lovely. Gotta love the little Robin, so cute.