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Sunday, November 13, 2011

London Again

It was the first of three Sunday concerts in 4 weeks today!

Due to engineering works I had to go to Loughton tube station as we got out of the car I heard a bird I recognised. A Ring-Necked Parakeet which promptly flew over my head. I have never seen them over here before!

So to Hyde Park and some familiar views...

The sun was glorious!!

It was remembrance Sunday so lots of people about.

Buckingham Palace.

The Canada Memorial. Emotional for Trish...

I do miss a zoom on my Panny (alhough I love the 20 f1.7). The problem is that the telephoto options are two big. I am sort of tempted by the Nikon V1. The tele zoom is very compact.... must resist must resist!!

The concert was once again at Wigmore Hall with the Parker Quartet playing

Haydn - String Quartet in C Op. 74 No. 1
Debussy - Sting Quartet in G minor Op. 10

The Haydn was pleasant but I didn't feel the quartet quite achieved the same emotional involvement as the Heath Quaret had. The Debussy was better (especially in the opening and closing movements).

A good concert but not an outstanding one. Still a pleasant hour enjoyed by all.

A quick trip into John Lewis to look at cameras :) must resist must resist!!

And I will not laugh to much at the expression on Tricia's face when a young lady offered her her seat..... ROTFLMAO!!!!


oldcrow61 said...

First, I have to say that I got quick a kick out of the young lady offering Tricia her seat. What a chuckle.

Love the pictures! The man on the hand is wonderful. The third picture down I've seen before but without the water. It all makes sense now, lovely. And, those gates...drool time...sigh! Great stuff Pete.

Tricia said...

young ladies offering seats..

"We are not amused" lol

Was a wonderful day though :D

Eagleseagles said...

The times I have to endure the tube and no one ever offers me a seat!