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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ickworth on a November Day

I stayed at Dad's last, I was popping in for dinner and as I was taking him out today.... (although he didn't know I was taking him out!).

We went for a stroll around Bury St Edmunds (nice cuppa and scone in the Cathrdral Refectory) and then on to Ickworth.

It was grey and a very November style day. A few pics however.....

One of two trees covered in Mistetoe

Right a pic of Sir. Please note the squint has nothing to do with Sunlight!!!


thank you

Ooh a Ladybird.


Ragged Robin said...

Nice pics, Pete. Love the stone carvings. Your dad is as photogenic as ever. What a good crop of mistletoe too.

Anonymous said...

Love that ladybird image. Prefer the black and white image of your dad, but nice to get him to look at the camera.

Pete said...

thanks RR - there are a couple of trees which are always amass of mistletoe. His nibs doesn't think he is photogenic!

Di - I just asked him to pose :D Curiously I prefer it in B&W Trish doesn't!!