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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Churches

Well holidays over again!!

I took the slow route home and detoured by two churches that unaccountably I haven't been to.

791 St John, Little Missenden

792 St Mary, Ivinghoe


Tricia said...

Where did the last few days go?... far too quickly....!!

A detour in today's traffic was wise!

Ragged Robin said...

Another two great churches, Pete. I do like the wall paintings in the first church and the last stained glass window photo.

I've checked out St Mary's Fairford - its a long way to go but its such a wonderful church I really must try and visit.

Pete said...

Caroline - ah but the cotswolds is a lovely place for a long weekend without kids :D

The three Cotswolds churches you have to visit are Fairford, Burford and Cirencester.

Attila The Mom said...

These are fantastic! Thanks so much for posting them!