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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Reds among the oak leaves.

Did you know that there are, according to Bob Neill (local government minister), organisations in this country which are left wing and are choreographing smear campaigns against Government policy.

Yes scary isn't it, especially when you realise that one of the organisations is the Campaign for Rural England and the other the National Trust!

Both organisations came under fire as they mobilised against new planning rules that they say put the Green Belt in peril.

The CPRE are going to attack Dave Cameron using a speech he made to the group in 2008 in which he promised to
cherish the beauty of our landscape [and] the particular cultures and traditions that rural life sustains

The National Trust is mobilising its 3.6 million members against the Coalition's proposals and are urging every visitor to its sites to sign a petition opposing them.

Now other left wing mouth pieces like the Sunday Telegraph has learnt that the Green Belt could come under threat. A Government impact assessment states that it
could lead to greater development on the Green Belt

Lefties like Conservative MPs Patrick Mercer and Andrea Leadsom have concerns.

Instead of attacking organisations that are trying to protect our natural environment and our precious landscape perhaps the government might want to take note of their concerns. The membership of the National Trust I would suspect contains a higher proportion of Conservative leaning members than many organisations.

Just because you don't like what someone says that's no excuse to try and smear an organisation. And politician ought to make note that people are more likely to trust the CPRE and the National Trust than they are a bunch of politicians whose own reputation has taken a knock over the years.


Anonymous said...

hope you havent been beat up by all those mobs Ive been seeing photos of. kinda worried. they would surely steal your camera.

Pete said...

I'm fine ta. I work a few miles from the scene of some small riots but not seen a thing. By evening I'm miles away!