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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Escaping from the NHS

Every year and a half I have to make an appointment to have my repeat prescription renewed.

Now the nurses you see are very nice but I hate going in. Does anyone ?

I had almost forgotten I had a 7:30 appointment this morning but at 7:30 I was there.

Nurse - come in Peter. Please close the door.

Pete - thinks, why? I just want a prescription.

Nurse - whilst the prescription is printing we'll check if anything is outstanding

Pete - thinks, yes my prescription

Nurse - blood test? yeah done. Ah you've not had your blood pressure done.

Pete - thinks, bugger

Nurse - a little high

Pete - thinks, oh bugger

Nurse - we'll do it again. Some people suffer with white coat syndrome.

Pete - tablets? lose weight? (hell I'm my father's son for goodness sake.)

Nurse - 135/88 that's fine. Here's your prescription, have a nice day.

Well that's good I suppose. 18 months of freedom


Ragged Robin said...

The NHS seem totally obsessed these days with tests and checking things. The trouble with things like blood pressure and cholesterol (spelling? too tired to check!) is that they keep lowering the "scores" you should get. They expect everyone to produce the results that an 18 year old would!

I avoid my GP like the plague!!!

You did well to escape!

It seems to get worse the older you get too :D

Tricia said...

Well done on your escape; as RR says they keep moving the goal posts - especially where cholesterol is concerned.