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Monday, August 15, 2011

Churches, A house, Deer and Thurley's folley

The church list is slowing up so thanks to Caroline

789 St Alphege, Solihull

nice two story chapel

Solihull looked much nicer than I thought it would be. No idea why I should be surprised!

790 St John, Berkeswell

which has a crypt which is open.

So onto Kenilworth Castle the ruined home of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester "lover" of Elizabeth I. And home to a controversial new recreation of an Elizabethan Gardeners known amongst some as Thurley's folly after the head of English Heritage.

I can't say the garden wowed me. The fountain was nice but it all seemed a bit low key. It just doesn't wow me, more like design by committee.

So on to Charlecote Park for dinner. I KNOW I keep going there but I've never photographed inside!

Lunch was Leek and Potato and a shared slice of Banoffee cake (nice!).

There's always one :D

We popped off for tea and a scone and saw these!

And then some obliging deer.


Ragged Robin said...

You've had a busy day Pete!

Glad you managed to visit the churches and liked Solihull :D!!

As I surmised your stained glass window pics at St Alpheges are brilliant! Hope you liked the crypt at Berkswell I thought it was superb.

I haven't been to Kenilworth since they recreated the Elizabethan garden but I must admit I don't like the white statue at all - it looks totally out of place! Hope they haven't ruined the castle as it was always so much better than the dreadfully over-commercialised Warwick Castle.

Love the mice at Charlecote - must go back again soon as I haven't been in the house. Tell Trish the NT apparently have plans to allow access to the deer park (in the future :D) Great deer photos and did you see the second hand book shop there?

Pete said...

i was giving trish lenses on taking pics of glass :D

not many crypts about last one i remember was at lastingham in yorkshire. they are so atmospheric

the statue will age i like it. the castle is unchanged.

in fairness to trish it is semi open but she didn't stop at the sign and so i .... :D

the mice are wonderful and the little sheep in the house are fun for kids and.... :D

oldcrow61 said...

I expect you'll hear from Trisha with regards to the picture and remarks, lol. I'll say one thing you do eat well. Now, on to the pictures. That little house above the butterfly picture is for me. I love it. The mice statues are just too much. I would like them all. The deer are just beautiful as is the last house. Really enjoyed all the pictures but those were some of my favorites.