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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's the 29th April

Some years ago, when the US was actively advocating all countries adopt an American style democratic system, I heard a US Democratic Senator/Congressman say that even consitutional monarchies weren't true democracies. The interviewer said does that mean you could force regime change? The politician said yes. The interviewer said something like I'm sure the British people will be pleased to hear that - sarcasm!

I was thinking of that when someone shouted down the office that the Royal Wedding would be Friday 29th April and that this would be a bank holiday. Given that the following Monday is a bank holiday and that the previous weekend is Easter we get two four day weekends!!

Many of us who cheered are not Monarchists but frankly the idea of President Cameron or President Milliband is much worse.

Now congratulations to the royal couple I've got to plan where I'll escape to on the day!!

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digibirder said...

Yes, I think we will be planning an escape that day. Everywhere should be deserted!! There was an article in the paper last weekend that holiday firms were waiting in anticipation of the date, as they tend to suffer when there's a big event happening, such as World Cup or royal weddings. Might be some bargains to be had if they're trying to sell tickets.