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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Arts & Crafts

I had somethings to do South of the river today so I arranged to meet up with Trish.

After the completion we headed to

786 St John, Clayton.

Which is pre-conquust(ie before 1066) and has some very old wall paintings.

I spotted this from the road.

So where to? I've not been to Standen in Years and Trish had never been there. It is very arts & crafts, designed by Phillip Morris and with interiors by William Morris & co. It's a house I could live in!

Pumpkin soup for dinner. This chap was using the outside seats!

A different cat.

A cup of tea and chocolate cake - well you have to - and then home! A lovely day.


Ragged Robin said...

The paintings at St John are incredible and house and gardens at Standen beautiful. I especially like the library Nice to see some flower pics in November too.

oldcrow61 said...

Amazing wall paintings. I really like the library. I can somehow see myself with glass of port in hand looking through the shelves. And, that toilet, can you believe it, lol. Wonderful pictures all.