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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Old Haunts

It was a tadge cold but the skies were blue and off I headed to Lackford Lakes. Lackford is a Suffolk Wildlife Trust to the North West of Bury St Edmunds, I rather like it especially in summer. I haven't been in ages.

Some nice birds by the visitors centre, Coal and Marsh Tit and a small flock of Redpoll. There were some Goldenye and a Pintail amongst the commoner ducks on the lake and a few Lapwing.

It's that quiet time of year bird wise winters heading off whilst the summer migrants have yet to make it.

I headed off to the Steggles Hide the furthest on the reserve. On the way were Goldfinch, Treecreeper and a Great Spot Woody (heard a Green).

Steggles hide was where I looked at my watch on the 19th April 2003 and realised it was a year since I had been made redundant. The idea that I would have been looking at gulls would have been ridiculous a year earlier. Today I dug out a Common Gull and two Oystercatcher before something brown flew in ..... BITTERN. Nice!! The obligatory text to the Blonde One.

As I headed back to the visitors centre this chap appeared. Couldn't get a clear shot.

At the visitors centre I went to the "Tree Sparrow feeders". Dunnock, Bullfinch, Reed Bunting but no Tree Sparrows but after five minutes 4 turned up.

So on to Ickworth House, you'll see a lot of this in trips with Dad no doubt!!

I've never been to Ickworth this early and was surprised to see so many winter flowers - loads of Snowdrops. The daffs are way behind so hopefully will be in full bloom for Easter.


oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures Pete. The trees in the first picture are pretty odd looking. It's a great shot. I really have to come over there one day. So much to see.

Tricia said...

Good day out by the sounds of it! Lovely pics and the B&W works well at Ickkworth House. Good spot of the Muntjac..

I'm not jealous about the Bittern at all ;)