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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Doctor Returns....

If you've been watching the BBC lately you have noticed that Doctor Who returns to our screens this Easter (well two weeks later if you live in America). I've seen two clips and it looks like it might be rather good.

However this weekend I've watched a couple of the classic Doctor stories. Specifically the Pyramids of Mars from 1975 with Tom Baker as the Doctor (and embarrassingly I can remember it first time round) and from 1982 Spaceshock with Peter Davidson (and I remember this one).

I fully expected to think what a loads of rubbish and yet.... both were really good. Ok the effects were naff but the stories held up fairly well. Indeed there were elements that I preferred about the old Who. The Pyramids of Mars was really atmospheric.

Its all terribly British and terribly good. Roll on Easter....

1 comment:

Jan said...

Can't say I fancy him much though, strange looking bloke. Shame David Tennant has packed in, was the only reason I watched it probably shan't bother now.