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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Going Tee Total

In November I went to get my prescription renewed, the nurse looked at her records and said "oh we've not given you a blood test recently".

So I dutifully booked in for a blood test.

I had said test and then got the dreaded letter to see the doctor. Apparently my liver function was very high. I was told to stop drinking alcohol (I don't drink that much!) and have a test in another 6 weeks.

Well I have had the second test and though its still high the results are much better. The next test is in three months but it means I am now alcohol free!!

Pint of Orange and Lemonade anyone?


Carin said...

If anyone should ask silly questions about your abstinence just pretend you've started lent a bit earlier this year. ;-)

Pete said...

Carin!!! lovely to see you back!!