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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Out !

There is something seriously wrong today, there are blue skies and nothing is falling from it!!

So after lunch I popped to Rye Meads a bit quiet but a lovely male Bullfinch flew through.

Still some ice about but these teal were coping.

You will notice something odd about the next few pics, there were two Robins close together and they were quite content!! Wonder if they are pairing up?

Nothing really rare about but a nice stroll.


Tricia said...

Was just like the great escape today! wonderful to see and feel the sun eh.

Like your robins; especially the first and last ones. Hopefully they are a pair..

Jan said...

I had around 5 Robins coming during the snowy and icy weather, and two of those were coming at the same time and were content to feed near one another with no squabbling. So sweet. I think in your first pic it looks like typical male displaying, I saw young Frank doing much the same last spring with his ladyfriend.

Attila The Mom said...

When I think of robins I think of blue for some reason. Never realized that they come in orange! LOL Beautiful pics, Pete.