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Friday, March 06, 2009

lets talk Holidays - YET AGAIN!!!

For those who aren't paying attention Jan and OC - harumph.

I wrote

I'll take Dad away for two weeks but until he has a clue about his eye op he doesn't want to book anything.

So now Dad has his op.....

End of May first week of June we're off to the Cottwsold for a week. Yes I know I've been a few times, I have a few places I haven't shown you to visit!

What you want a hint? Sezincote, Stanway Water Gardens, Blenheim. You'll get some old favourites as well.

In September we're off to South Lincolnshire, we've stayed at the bungalow before. Lots of places you won't have seen before.

Clumber Park, Doddington Hall, Grimsthorpe Castle and Newstead Abbey

I will admit that that will be it for 2009.


oldcrow61 said...

Now, now, darling, don't get your knees in a knot. I hadn't forgotten you were going to take your dad on a holiday. I thought the one you were just talking about was another one for you alone, lol, lol. Judging by the pictures, you've picked wonderful spots to visit.

avalon said...

Totally agree with OC lol, see we do listen really! I'm sure dad will love them both what a good boy you are LOL