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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ickworth in the Spring sun

I had to roll over my ISA and whack in next years cash, I could have done this in my lunch hour but instead Dad and I went to Sudbury and on to Ickworth. You've seen Ickworth lots of times but hey.....

The weather was gorgeous!! Dad and I even had an Ice cream! A month ago it was Snowing and now? LOVELY!!

Which do you prefer of the following two pairs of photos.

Froggy goes a wooing :D

Lots of Flutters about including Large Whites, Brimstones and a Comma. Also FINALLY saw my first Nuthatch of the year.


Janine said...

Froggy love fest!
I prefer the color ones to the b&w.

oldcrow61 said...

omg, the flowers are spectacular! And the frogs....I want them all! While I do like black and white photos, in this case I prefer the colour ones. I think it's because I'm so longing to see some green.

Tricia said...

Like the tree trunk and the "pink" flowers (don't know what they are though).

I prefer the colour to B&W on this occasion. It may be that the combination of the pale sky and light colour of the building don't provide sufficient contrast?

Anonymous said...

For flowers, gardens and all thigs floral, it has to be colour. But B/W has a medium all of its own, old trees-seascapes, and some landscapes come to life in B/W. Your church photo's would look superb in B/W, but thats just my opinion.


Pete said...

if I head to Lavenham or the like I may shoot the lot in B&W. churches? yeah but not for stained glass :D