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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dad Update

Well at 6:30 I wandered into Tye Green Ward. Sir was in a room on his own at the end.

He was sitting up and fairly chirpy and the tension seeped out of me (Dad's op and year-end at the same time is not good). Although not asked for I brought in a comic (oh sorry the Sun :D ). Apparently the nurse said it seemed to go ok.

He hasn't eaten much since seven just a ham sandwich but he was mainly dry, just before I left he got another cup of tea (apparently they do a decent cuppa).

I'm not sure if he's out tomorrow but I'm off and I'll be waiting for the call.

Thanks for the well wishes.


Tricia said...

Glad to hear the op's now over and was OK. What a relief for you both.

Janine said...

thats great news Pete, hope he is back home soon!

oldcrow61 said...

Happy to hear that it went well Pete.

avalon said...

So pleased it was all ok send best wishes to him. You can relax a little now