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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Staying Home

I was meant to be away this weekend visting Digi and CP and taking lots of photos of Seals. Mum is still in hospital and Dad has no way of getting in of an evening so I've had to cancel. Luckily the pub never charged me (Thank you the Queen's Head at North Kelsey Moor, I'll definitely use it again).

That said I have bags of flexi and still have some holiday I must use so I'll take the time off. I can go out birding here and pick Dad up of an evening. IF the weather decides to behave itself I should have some photos on the blog.


Cherrypie said...

You're welcome anytime, Pete and maybe I'll even have the house rebuilt by the time you make it up.

The seals usually disappear by early January. Donna Nooks a great birding spot anytime of the year though. It's a bit bleak so you'd need your thermals.

You could always pop up for the day. Given the ridiculous time you get up in a morning, you could be here and back by teatime.

I'm free as a guide all weekend


Pete said...

cheers CP

I need to be back in Harlow by 5ish so I'll skip.

I think a lay in is called for :D

Anna said...

What a great-looking place!

Think I might make a trip up there myself.