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Friday, November 30, 2007

Religious Kitsch

Each year the satirical Christian website Ship of Fools publishes a selection of religious themed goods it has seen for sale. The BBC has a set of photos up.

I don't know about you but number 9 one is just a little bit odd.


Anonymous said...

Thats why some prayers work and others dont!
I thought it was "the answer might be Yes, No or wait!

Like the cartoon below the article!


Diddums said...

The first one strikes me as weird too.

Just checked my own Blogspot - it's the same there. The option to link to non-Blogger sites seems to be gone? Just 'Blogger' or anonymous.

Kate said...

Yes, number 9 is a bit odd LOL I think I'll point the footballing Jesus out to Mr Blogs though - he could take it to Leeds matches.

Kate said...

One more thing - pop over to my blog and read the most recent post, it might have the answer to the new comment system.

Diddums said...

Ah, I see - it's something to do with OpenID. Can be tried out in draft Blogger: bloggerindraft.blogspot. At the moment I'm leaving it on 'anyone'.

Diddums said...

The Blogigo site seems to be down, so I'm posting on my emergency Blogspot (see link on my name).

Mo said...

LOL - love No. 9. Only the Italians could do that :-)