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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wednesday 16th May

So I moved to Buckinghamshire.

I started off picking off a few churches.

Nether Winchendon.


I then went to Claydon. The house has some wonderful interiors and is only a third of its original size.

North Marston church.

I then popped in Boarstall Tower. It's a small National Trust property and I had an individual tour by the resident!


Anonymous said...

Ah Pete could you clarify the date on the plaque of Richard Winwood at Quainton as I like to know the dates. The other plaque has the date of 1641 and 42 on it - is that correct as our history here only goes back a hundred. Got me very interested. (oh the pictures are good here too).

Pete said...

what date at Quainton? I know it gives 1691/2 at one point I've seen that a few times and I'm not certain why they do that.

Virtually all of the churches I visit predate 1540.

Anonymous said...

I never thought old buildings would be interesting but somehow you make them so

intriguing how the tilt on your pics is always to the left tho

Pete said...

must be how I stand I guess!