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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thursday 17th May

Flipping irritating start. Tried three churches one closed for restoration and two locked.

Went to Stowe school. The school was one of the great stately homes and is open during school holidays. The magnificent park is in the care of the National Trust.


Janine said...

Great photos Pete, looks like a fun trip.

Anonymous said...

Would Stowe now be a private school then? These are huge estates that you photo that I did not think would still exist or be open to the general public there. Do you have to be part of the National Trust to see them??

Pete said...


Stowe is a private school. Confusingly they are referred to as Public Schools.

Many large estates exist. Many are still in private hands others have been given to the National Trust to care for the nation. You don't have to be a member of the National Trust to visit National Trust properties BUT, if you are a member you get free access.

Estates in private hands are often open to the public and charge admission. It's away of getting money to maintain them.

Obviously opening hours are restricted.