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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday 12th May

I left at some ridiculous time of day! My journey was a combination of sunshine and showers.

I arrived at Hay-on-Wye "Town of books" at about quarter past nine and promptly had a cup of tea! Had a nose around a few book shops. Ducking in between showers.

The view from Hay-on-Wye Bridge.

Hay is JUST in Wales.

The local countryside.

I spent the afternoon at The Weir which is Garden owned by the National Trust. The house is now a private nursing home.

This chap was to share my room for the next 4 days.

Had a delicious meal. Asparagus, Duck and Baileys Bread Pudding - yum!!


oldcrow61 said...

Took your teddy with you I see, lol.

Jan said...

Just like Mr Bean, ahhhh!

Ocean and Forest Walks said...

So glad you are back with masses of photos for us Pete. The Weir Gardens are lovely. The countryside picture shows a lot of beautiful green fields and hills that I would never have imagined.