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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Its a mad mad world

I've just stuck a post on my wildlife blog about some evil git shooting an Otter and then I come across a story of the Dominican Prime Minister allegedly selling his countries vote on internation whaling council after he returned from tokyo with new aid pledges.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said "we told the Japanese we will continue to support the sustainable use of marine resources." I would comment that a Whale is much more than a resource and should be treated as such hey ho but what do I know.

Does anyone have any sympathy with the Asbo Granny? I tend to agree with the judges, being old is no excuse to breaking the law.

I'm off to Boo's funeral tomorrow morning. Apparently it could be the worst bank holiday weekend EVER for traffic. Nic and I are staying over and will have a leisurely drive home Saturday. At 12 noon please stop and keep Boo in your thoughts.

But lets end on some good news eh?

Chapel-goers near Dolgellau, Gwynedd have safeguarded a colony of lesser horseshoe bats above them by having their new roof specially constructed.

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leazwell said...

I remember seeing an episode from One Foot in the Grave where Victor and his his wife were in the car the entire time stuck in traffic on a bank holiday. Hilarious. Hope your travel is enjoyable but moving and you find Boo's service uplifting.

Have a good weekend.