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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Friday 18th May

The first church I tried was locked! So I went to Hughenden Manor. Its a relatively small house and was the home of former PM Benjamin Disraeli.

The stables.

Then on to Waddeson Manor. It is magnificent building containing the Rothschild's collection.

The aviary.


Ocean and Forest Walks said...

Sorry I am commenting so much Pete - how on earth did you get so many photos of the stunning Waddeson Manor without any people in the photo also?? Perfect shots.
Incredible location. Now the pictures of the interior???

Pete said...

Oceans no problem

Uh don't know how I got so few people. Luck I guess.

Interior shots are banned. There is only one house that I've found that allows photography and that is Holkham Hall.

I believe you can arrange to go out of hours and pay.