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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dreaming again

I've booked another two holidays!! One is a birdwatching one at the end of October in, wait for it, you'll never guess, Norfolk!! The other is in mid June for a few days and caused a few more problems.

I had considered going back to the broads side of Norfolk looking for Dragonflies and Butterfiles. The problem with that was I went there last year and I thought it would be a bit dull on the blog (how sad is that!?). So I thought, I know, I haven't been to Shropshire for YEARS I'll go to the Much Wenlock area. And there in lay the problem. Places to stay were either too expensive, full Saturday night or didn't serve food Sunday night!


I'm not going to Shropshire! I'm in fact staying a few miles South of Stratford Upon Avon. Please don't expect lots of pictures of Shakespearean cottages as I will be avoiding Stratford itself. There are a few churches to try and visit and some nice historic buildings. Indeed I am able to take photos in Warwick Castle so you may get a treat!

So at the moment I have 4 more holidays to look forward to !

I am running out of places to go. I ought to travel overseas but I don't like travelling on my own (languages etc) and I don't want to inflict my anti-social self on others! People seem to want to share rooms to cut costs but frankly I'd rather pay the extra.

On other things. One of the things I discovered on holidays is why reviewers rave about wide angle lenses. With the little Powershot I often find I can't get the shot I want because the minimum end of the "focal range" is 35. On the small lens for by d80 its 18mm (or 28mm equivalent I guess) and I cna get shots I couldn't get with the Canon (there is only so far back you can walk).

I'm pretty pleased with the 18-55, true I reckon the 18-200VR would be the ideal lens for my holidays but one cost £80 the other £480. For £80 the 18-55 takes decent snaps. I reckon I'll switch from the 18-55 to the Sigma when I want more poke rather than spend the best part of £500 :) And no Nic I haven't bought the 70-300VR.

I have miles to go on this photography lark, birds in flight are so hard and my Kite photos are not all that, but I am getting some halfway decent images. I did notice that uping the ISO speed got me better shots.


oldcrow61 said...

Did I read you right Pete dear...."I ought to go overseas but (languages, etc.) We do speak English over here believe it or not. lol

Pete said...

i'm sure water poors over the edge if you go west

Dorothea said...

I'm just confused about the first bit;

"I ought to travel overseas".

Why ??? Is New Labour going to bring a law to make everyone travel abroad, 'cause it's good for you like "diversity training" or something?

Pete said...

Dorothea - not to my knowledge, maybe that's the Dave's bright idea. if I can't think of new places to go here I ought to travel overseas.... also there are loads of birds I'd love to see.

Janine said...

You should come to Florida Pete, some of us speak English over here :D

Pete said...

Janine, some people would dispute that. Have a nice day y'all