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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

American to Head CPRE

It perhaps says something when the new head of the Campaign to Protect Rural England is an American.

Of course Bill Bryson is not just ANY American. He is the author of the hilarious Notes from a Small Island and anyone who has read it (and if you haven't read it do so, NOW!) will know that in many ways Bryson is one of those Americans who is more British than the British.

Bryson's love of the British countryside shines through in interviews and in his writing and in my totally uninformed opinion he will be a fine choice.

Bryson says that initally his presidency will focus on the spread of litter across the English countryside.

"Litter will be my personal crusade," he said. "It is not confined to the urban fringes but is spreading everywhere. Most of us despair about the amount of litter there is, and it is constantly getting worse."

Bryson thinks that being a foreigner could be an asset.

"I grew up in an industrial farming state. If you suggested to people they should go out for a walk they would think you were mad," he said. "Here, the countryside is so beautiful but you are in danger of taking it for granted."

"It is well known that although I poke some fun at the British and their foibles, I genuinely admire them,"

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oldcrow61 said...

OK, OK, will look for that book next time I'm in the city, lol.