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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mr Madeley loses his cool

There has been a lot of controversy over phone votes on TV shows recently. What was particularly amusing was when Richard & Judy were shown to have been caught up.

Anyway they were presenting the British Book awards last night and one of the awards went to Ricky Gervais. Gervais was accepting for Children's Book Of The Year for his cartoon Flanimals Of The Deep via satellite.

In his acceptance speech, Gervais quipped, "This is voted for by the public, isn't it? Well, tell them to stop voting now 'cos otherwise it will be another phone con!"

Madeley told the comedian to "f**k off" and branded him an "ungrateful f**king b**tard".

UPDATE: Gervais was on the Richard & Judy show and Madeley claims it was all a joke.


KAZ said...

Did he really do that?
Surely not Richard Madeley who also didn't steal that booze from Tesco!

Jan said...

Ooh I say! I bet it wasn't on live on Richard & Judy then??? And as the saying goes, takes one to know one! The man is a moron.

Pete said...

well he did.

The British Book Awards are broadcast tonight. Bet that bit gets cut !

Beki said...

Ah, the Madeley strikes again!