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Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Monday

The car goes in to have the sensor thingy done tomorrow and guess what. Yes the flipping light has JUST gone out. Growl!! I'm still taking it in and if they won't do it I'll tell them I expect them to do it under guarantee if the fault reoccurs. I suspect, since I'm paying and reclaiming from Tesco, it'll be done.

Anyway thanks for all your nice comments on the photos. When I was reviewing Sunday morning in the field I thought they looked quite good.

As I get used to the camera I'm getting better results. I appreciate it is a compromise and I'd get better images from a dSLR, especially in low light. At the moment though that compromise is one I'm happy with. I may feel differently in a couple of years or when I retire and have the time on my hands.

Did anyone catch Blair on Comic Relief? I thought he was rather good. No doubt he'll be accused of dragging the office of Prime Minister or it being a publicity stunt but hey it proves he has a sense of humour.

Of course we need a little balance

oh ok you want a Lib Dem one.

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