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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Interesting wildlife website

I have added a link to the excellent Habitat News website. It is a website that contains lists all the news stories affecting British Wildlife and Countryside.

Current top stories include
  • Red Squirrels returning to Yorkshire,
  • the attempt to return the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly in Cumbria,
  • Abderdeen council's decision to cull Grey Squirrels (they will be "dispatched humanely with a quick blow to the head.")
  • two teenagers who allegedly drove up and down a road squashing migrating frogs.
I have to say the Grey Squirrel one depresses me a bit. I do understand the need to protect the reds but surely they could be moved hundreds of miles away. Suppose that costs too much money.

The frogs one depresses me more but I am not surprised. "Well nothing else to do is there" Morons.


Katie said...

Because Grey Squirrels are an introduced species, it's illegal to release them. That includes if you trap one from the wild - you can't let it out again.

Pete said...

Ta Katie. I still think its daft.