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Thursday, March 01, 2007

BT Again

Well I had a phone call this afternoon to tell me my broadband should be back. And ..................... it is.

So thanks to Victoria at BT who at least kept me informed.


Jan said...

Your gain is my friend Pat's loss. They had a thunder storm two nights ago, and since then she can either have broadband connected or her phone, not both. BT say there is nothing wrong with her line, she has been on to an indian call centre all day and got nowhere, they dont understand what she is saying and vice versa. What a pathetic excuse for a company they are. If there were a choice here for cable, I would dump them like a shot.

Anyway, good news you are back in business

Diddums said...

Well I'm glad you're out of the woods and back online! I'm still on dial-up but will be getting broadband after moving.

Pete said...

diddums - how can you cope with dial up? viewing some blogs was a nightmare

Janine said...

Glad youre back online Pete. And thanks for the lovely birthday card!!!