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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Weather

You'll be pleased to know I can now use my Hosepipe!! Admittedly its chucked it down for most of the past month and everywhere is like a bog (hence my trousers) but Three Valleys Water has finally relented!!

I am warned that the watertable is still "very low" so expect the ban to come in after the first consecutive dry and hot days of summer.

It is blowing a gale out there!! Wonder how my flipping fence is!!


jan said...

it's blowing a gale down here as well in cornwall, took the dogs out and got soaked as well as blown away !! saw the news this morning and there were 20ft waves at penzance looked amazing. Ope the fence stays up!

Jan said...

ooh this could be confusing, another jan! And one in Cornwall too, which I was for four years. Nice to know about Penzance, loved it there! I had to repair a bit of my aviary, and am deliberating whether it's worth repairing the busted fence panel temporarily, or get a new one, but keeping my footing out there in the squelch is more of a worry at present. At least it's stopped raining and the wind's died down a bit now. I see we have the chance of snow forecast for Monday now, how lovely.... not. Jan (the one in Wales who is not Welsh...)

the 2 wrennies said...

can't believe they've let up on the hosepipe ban that's amazing...met office reckons 2007 will be hottest yet

the wind has flattened all our pole feeders and sheered off a 6yr old honeysuckle we have at the back of the garden; gives us an excuse to plant a wildlife friendly hedge now but wonder if we'll lose our wrens/dunnocks/robins etc in the meantime while the hedge takes 3yrs to grow...

Seany said...

My fence gave up a couple of weeks ago and now I just have a surreal gate in the middle of nothing.

For once my laziness paid off by not putting it back up yet!

Eagleseagles said...

Well a bit of the fence came down today fortunately its my neighbours she has to repair it!!

Trees down all over the show and bits of wood and branches everywhere.

The planes coming in to land at Heathrow were making a racket with high engines and some looked decidedly wobbly....

Hose pipe ban gone from us too.

Res are all high but I bet the leaks are still there!!


Pete said...

Jan (from Cornwall) could have been a lot worse.

Jan (from) Wales: the other Jan has been commenting for ages. Pay attention Spotty!! :D

Martin - well everywhere is well squelchy. Left birdtable for my Structural engineer :D

Seany - the structural engineer means laziness is not an option!!

C - leaks? no doubt.