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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Saturday 6th January 2007

So I won't bore you with I went here and saw blah de blah. I'll give you the edited highlights.

I met Dave and Joy at Thornham for Twite we had brief views. Walked out to the coast. Loads and loads of Red Throated Divers and one Black Throat. Lots of seals off the coast. A few Eiders and Red Breasted Mergansers.

Walk back to get sooper dooper views of Twite sitting in the guttering of a disused bulidng.

On to Titchwell for Brunch and that Sausage Bap I was so cruelly cheated out of!! The bacon one was better!!

Down to the coast and a nice Great Northern Diver!! all 3 in one day!! I was rather chuffed to spot an Arctic Skua since I'm naff at this sea watching lark.

Various bits and pieces about including Avocet. Loads of geese it really is atmospheric!!. Nothing at Choseley!! Well none of the targets.

Dave and Joy went off and I went to Holkham to enjoy the goose spectacle. It is amazing it really is amazing!!

And back to the hotel

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Lol, Blah de blah.