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Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Flipping Fence

Well I arrived home and..... drats!!! Luckily it could be worse.

On one side a panel has blown out, the posts are still intact. On the other 3 panels and associated posts have gone!

The bird feeders are on the floor and the bird table at the other end of the garden!

Now you ask why could it be worse? Well I'm only responsible for the side with the blown out panel, my neighbour is responsible for the side that looks like armageddon!! The one next to him is the same!

My structural engineer (ahem Dad) will give it the once over tomorrow. Panel may be repairable so that would be straightforward.

Fingers crossed the wind has gone!!

Luckily all I have are fences blown down. As far as I know 10 people died.


KAZ said...

Can you send your dad round to my place please?

oldcrow61 said...

I heard about the winds you have been having on our news last night. Showed some pictures as well, must have been awful.

Jan said...

Well I'm just about to venture out in my wellies and have a go at fixing my two busted panels. Sounds like you had it a lot worse up your way. Mum phoned up in tears, she lost half her shed roof, blown about 20 yards across the garden and embedded into the hedge, two fence panels which are on her bit (Council though, but they can't get out to repair until the 5th February) three panels went between her and the neighbour (his responsibility) and my uncle in London Colney lost about 7 of his. We got off very lightly here, well at least I did. My panels are still up, only because they were rotten anyway that they've moved a bit.

Oh yeah, and less of the Spotty. :p

Kate said...

We lost the arch in our front garden, but apart from that no real damage has been done. You are right, it could have been much worse.

Pete said...

Jan - I presume she has to get shed repaired....

Pete said...

Kaz - hands off!

digi-birder said...

Our fences are OK - it's the tiles blown off the roof that's our problem. They've been rattling for some time, keeping us awake occasionally, as we've had windy conditions on and off for a couple of weeks. Then again, we are on the top of a hill fully exposed to the elements. At least we won't get flooded!!

Took two hours to get home last night as all the trains on our route had been cancelled. Had to get a train to another station and then a taxi, costing an extra £15 to get home. Luckily we'd eaten out in town before setting off home, so we weren't starving.