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Friday, January 19, 2007

Little Git

I've just phoned my structural engineer.

Him - Hello
Me - how did it go?
Him - No good, we'll have to do it in the morning, we'll need a new panel and we can't get one that size so we'll need to cut it.
Me - Oh well never mind
Him - we'll have to go to Wickes.
Me - weren't B&Q cheaper last time? (my dad not only took me to wickes because "they were cheaper" but later we ended up at B&Q and he went to check the price. And they were cheaper!! And I had wasted £15!!
Him - could do

waffles a bit and THEN he admits he's done it!!

So that's that done. My neighbour though has got some fun! That said that happened to me 3 years ago and I replaced the supplied posts with much thicker ones that are fairly strong.

Lets hope that's the wind for this winter.


Leazwell said...

Glad to read you weathered the storm! Imagine that happening several times a season (our hurricanes).

Pete said...

Hi Leazwell

us Brits talk about "the weather" alot. Now we all know we don't have any but we still talk about it!!

A few years ago an inch of snow crippled the main motorway by me!!

pathetic eh!!